What drive me is instinct and curiosity.


I started photographing at high school with a contax T3 with black and white film because I could develop them in my mother‘s bathroom and work independently. When I discovered photography I could find a way to see my daily life differently, I learnt to have a step inside my surroundings, into the nature of my relationships and environment and also a step outside of the everyday life, that let me read beyond the appearances and find another sphere of conception of time before more melancholic then as a endless river of events. From those years I have been photographing diaries, my home, my school, my classmates and my family, at the time I got a really deep encounter with the diaries of Noboyoshi Araki, Nan Goldin and Daido Moryama. In them I found those instincts thatwere driving me in the photographic process , for example, the closeness to the subject, the condition of solitude, the flowing of life and changes, the power of poetry and love and the movements ofcuriosity and restlessness that still nowadays are in the core of my work.  In these years I acquired and experienced the power of photography. Images are like a window where we can access to a universal human layer, investigating the core of who we are.

After high school I decided to move to Denmark and attend a school there of photograph. Danish school of photography or better know as Nordic photography was completely fitting in what I felt was my way in photography. A personal, deep and existential approach to it, a human research rather than a conceptual, abstract or journalistic photographs, driven by the work of Anders Petersen, Jacob Holdt and Christer Strömholm.  During those years in Copenhagen I had an important love relationship which was also mostly in the subject of my last semester assignment at school. Driven by love I was photographing our relationship and my boyfriend universe. In this phase I sediment the closeness and the central role of recording and memorize the emotional pattern of our being.  From this period on I focused in finding the same empathy around the world.   

I use my curiosity to travel and to explore places I've never been, photographing. The center of my work is the research as a human being in the world, the process knowing the world we are living in, the position of men in nature, a journey in the space and in the time in history of humanity and earth. My goal is building a record of this in a poetic and direct way.

This project is called The Way Home.

I moved to Russia because I wanted to start a project involving the different cultures of the country in a unique body of work. I felt attracted to it and challenge for the vast land and for the not well known richness of it. I lived for two months in Moscow and travelled by trains to the Arctic Ocean. Along the way I stopped in different towns where I found hospitality by locals which I could contact and arrange with all of them through social networks. Discovering this side of a first virtual contact surprised me for the power of communication and connection that we potentially have wherever we are. Thanks to this I cold continue shooting having personal relations and I was allowed into familiar and intimate moments as well as discovering the nature and the culture for each region I was. This made the journey personal and honest.

For a job I got in the office of Magnum Photos I moved to the US right after Russia. Being in contact with great works stimulate me to keep on follow my way. In New York I was challenged to find personal and direct connections, I decided to shoot with different formats, like digital and analog photograph, color and black and white I could express the feeling I was living in, a country with a multi shaped identity, living on the same dream, on the same color. I wanted to create a sort of collage, where roughly the images are glue in the pages. Shapes of Blue is the tentative to show the unique harmony that characterize the US.

After 4months in the US I moved to Mexico, where I am living now. I have always felt attracted to Mexico, a powerful land connecting the vast American continent together with the forces of earth and an enormous variety of cultures, languages and roots. I stood I am attracted to the different connections people have within the country, in the cities, with the nature and the interaction of the different communities. This impossibility to portray a unique identity of Mexico drive me to keep on discover the diversities, creating a sphere where they coexist and reveal it as a example to humanity. I discover Mexico is a tragic drama of consequences of the entire world economic and political situation, everything convey here as a loud noise. Mexico is a stage where all the goods and evil side of these cultures are mixed in a delirious ballad never ending. Mexico is the ideal society for the human species, following its history and the nowadays dynamics it reveal the future on earth. I am travelled through people, I have been hosted from locals in every stop I made starting from the north of the country, Chihuahua, to the deep south of Mexico,in Yucatan.